Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Figurines for April 2015

This month's figurines arrived quite early - Saturday to be exact, though I wasn't in so did not collect them from the sorting office until yesterday. First up is the original Cyberman design from The Tenth Planet. The obvious thing to mention here is the colour - it is white, where you would have expected it to be grey or silvered. The Character Options figure was silver. The recreated costume for An Adventure In Space And Time had it grey, and in interviews with the costume designer, Sandra Reid, she definitely mentions using grey jersey material. Perfectly good model otherwise - though the hands are rather large.
The other figurine comes from Series 8's Robot of Sherwood - a Robot Knight. The helmet is depicted open, showing the face mask. I had to carefully straighten the sword on mine.
Next month we will be getting a Cassandra figurine, from End of the World.

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