Thursday, 9 October 2014

Figurine Collection - October 2014

Three new figurines this month - the two regular releases plus the latest of the subscribers-only Daleks.
This latter is the Saucer Commander from The Dalek Invasion of Earth. It's the one which only appeared in the second episode of that 1964 story (plus the reprise at the start of part three). It was then repainted to represent the Black Dalek Supreme.
Talking of paint jobs, the work on my figurine is not that great - especially the skirt section. Considering these Daleks are special releases, a little more care should have been taken.
The two regular releases are Kahler-Tek from A Town Called Mercy, and an original Pertwee era Sea Devil. I particularly like the Sea Devil - with its Nora Batty wrinkly stockings.


  1. My Dalek was fine Gerry though I've noticed a fair few have been a wee bit unhappy with theirs and is it just me or does the sea devil look a wee bit too tall? Great sculpt though.

    1. In some publicity shots Jon Pertwee is looking up at the Sea Devil, and the head is worn like a hat on top of the actor - so they were mostly quite tall (apart from the one played by wee Stuart Fell).