Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Kill The Moon - Images

The BBC have released a small number of non-spoilery images from the forthcoming episode Kill The Moon. After all that discussion and debate about a return to the planet of Sarn etc, we can now see why they chose to film on Lanzarote. The volcanic landscape is perfect for representing the Moon's surface. Quite a few years ago now, I visited Indonesia. Myself and some friends went to the volcano Mount Bromo. We did a walk around the volcano at midnight, under perfect moonlight, and I can honestly say that it really felt like you were walking around on the lunar surface. One of those experiences you never forget. We were actually going to do the famous "Mount Bromo at sunrise" trip - check out Google Images. I am very glad that we did the unofficial moonlight walk, because when it came to the official trek in the morning, there was very thick mist and drizzle - and we never saw a thing!

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