Sunday, 3 February 2013

That Was The Week That Was 3.2.13

Not a lot of news about the programme itself again this week, but news about the programme about the programme. Production has now begun on An Adventure In Time And Space, the drama chronicling the birth of Doctor Who. Written by Mark Gatiss, it will be shown in November as part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations.
David Bradley was cast as the first Doctor, William Hartnell, earlier this week. Other casting announced includes Brian Cox (who voiced the Ood Elder in The End of Time Part 1) as Sydney Newman; Jessica Raine (who will be featuring in Series 7 Part 2) is Verity Lambert, and Sacha Dhawan will play director Waris Hussein (see image above).
We've still to learn who the companions will be played by. (I'm hoping for Gatiss himself as Ron Grainer...).

I spent Monday evening watching The Reign of Terror DVD release. I have to admit to being very disappointed with certain aspects of the animated episodes. Whilst the artwork was superb, the direction was a mess. The jumpy editing and countless close-ups were irritating, and totally at odds with the surrounding sections. I would rather have seen something that gave us a proper feel for how the missing episodes might have been.

The Aztecs Special Edition DVD cover has now been released. I mentioned the extras last week, but will now add that the Coming Soon... is for The Ice Warriors - but don't expect that story to be released next. The Troughton story has been pushed back in the release schedule, and there is no word of any animation for the missing episodes so it might just be the soundtrack coupled with telesnaps which bridges the gap, as seen on the VHS release.
I received my copy of the new SFX magazine yesterday. There is a feature on the Hartnell / Troughton years, and the March 6th issue will cover the new series.
Lastly, this coming Thursday sees the release of the next issue of DWM (457). With only one more issue to come before the launch of Series 7 Part 2, lets hope it has some news about the series itself.

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