Sunday, 10 February 2013

That Was The Week That Was 10.2.13

The week began with the shock news that Peter Davison was not dead. Some Twit on Twitter attempted to start a rumour but didn't get very far with it.
The week is ending with more rumours of death - this time the 11th Doctor's, but we'll get to that shortly.
Filming has begun on An Adventure In Time And Space in Wimbledon and at the old Television Centre, W12. Mark Gatiss tweeted the above image - and at first glance it certainly looks remarkably like Billy.
We have now learned that William Russell is going to have a cameo in the production - as a character called Harry. Russell himself will be played by Jamie Glover (son of Julian and actress Isla Blair). Delia Derbyshire is going to be played by Sarah Winter, Jacqueline Hill by Jemma Powell, and Susan by newcomer Claudia Grant. Claudia just happens to have Hartnell's grand-daughter (Jessica Carney) for an agent, would you believe.
The programme does not just feature the build-up to the opening episode, according to Gatiss. It is about Hartnell's on-going working relationship with Verity Lambert - and so should take us further into the series.

And what of those other rumours? Well, as of May, Matt Smith is off to the USA to make a film called, appropriately enough, How To Catch A Monster - which is being directed by Ryan Gosling. This has led people to think that he won't be around to make any more Doctor Who. Whilst I don't think this is the case (as I'm not sure a regeneration would sit well with a celebratory anniversary story) I think it does have to make us beg the question - what about Series 8? Personally, I think we are going to have to wait until Easter 2014 for it. Remember that the episodes due to air this Spring actually belong to last year's Series 7 - so we're only averaging half a series per year.
If the BBC are cutting back, I would prefer some transparency from them on the issue. RTD was quite clear about the 2009 Specials year up-front and gave us the reasons for it. We might not have liked it - but at least he was honest with us.

Other news I think I have already covered this week - with the 2013 DVD release schedule, and the new issue of DWM (457). The latter is well worth purchasing just for the first part of a lengthy never before published Jon Pertwee interview, and The Planet of the Spiders in the Fact of Fiction section. There's also the Eleventh Doctor comic strip with first companions Ian and Barbara to enjoy.
In the coming week - don't forget to buy the Radio Times on Tuesday (or two copies, if you want all 8 postcards).

Lastly, I would just like to mark the passing of Peter Gilmore early in the week. He played Mr. Brazen in the Peter Davison story Frontios. He was most famous for his lead role in The Onedin Line, but he also notched up quite a few of the Carry On... movies. RIP Peter.

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