Thursday, 10 January 2013

"You've redecorated, I see. I don't like it..."

DWM issue 456 was released today. We were promised a redesign, like the TARDIS, but I can't quite find it. A couple of pages have moved around but it's far from a redesign.
Very little news contained within. A look at what we might expect in 2013 covers only novels and audios.
The Green Death is going to get a DVD Special Edition - though the release date is unknown. There's also some news on the extras for The Ark in Space SE, and the Terror of the Zygons release.
There is a significant item on the afore-mentioned TARDIS redesign, a piece on the animation which completes The Reign of Terror DVD, and The Leisure Hive is this month's Fact of Fiction.
Instead of his usual Production Notes, Steven Moffat answers readers' questions. I am quite annoyed that of only six questions posed, one was from the magazine's editor.
Next month promises a lost Jon Pertwee interview.

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