Sunday, 13 May 2012

Things to do while you're waiting...

Have tried everywhere but cannot find a subscription to "Knitting for Girls"...

So what else can we do while we wait for new series and anniversary developments?
With the 50th looming, I've decided to journey back in time and take a look at the Doctors, companions and stories that have made the programme what it is. I will also be considering some of the key production personnel who have especially influenced and shaped the series over the decades.

I was going to dip in and out of different eras in a random wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey fashion, but my poor ageing memory would quickly get confused and I'd lose track of what I'd covered and what was still outstanding. (Could your sanity really have withstood my musings on Time and the Rani - twice?!)

I'm therefore going to ignore timey-wimey randomness and go linear - starting right back at the beginning and working my way towards the latest stories and characters - commencing very soon with this lot:

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