Sunday, 6 May 2012

Series 7 updates courtesy of DWM.

Surprisingly little news on the forthcoming series (would have expected at least some more casting news at this stage of production).
Episode 1 will feature about 25 different Daleks (the most ever assembled) and the biggest set created to date (a record previously claimed by Episode 2). The Special Weapons Dalek (from 1988's Remembrance of the Daleks) will be appearing, as will a 1970's one loaned to the production by one Russell T. Davies.
Please note that the cover below does not relate directly to the episode (so don't expect every one of these to appear). The cover relates to a light-hearted article about each of the Daleks' schemes down the years - from their own viewpoint.

Episode 4 is being filmed at the moment (remember to avoid those Spoiler sites!). It will concentrate very much on the Ponds' relationship, as a lead into their departure in the following story. The episode is supposed to be quite SFX heavy.
The Ponds have definitely left the TARDIS as permanent travelling companions (as seen in The God Complex). Their presence in these last few stories will come about through visits from the Doctor - social calls or when he needs them.
Episode 6 (the Christmas one, introducing the new companion) will start filming this month.

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