Sunday, 17 September 2017

C is for... Charlie

A pupil at Coal Hill Academy who hid a terrible secret. He was really the last survivor of an alien race - the Rhodians. He had been their prince. They were all wiped out by the Shadow Kin. Prior to this, the Rhodians had fought a war against the Quill, who they regarded as little more than terrorists. A captured Quill was genetically connected to a Rhodian, so that they could never harm them. This was achieved through the use of a parasite that was introduced to their brain. Charlie and his Quill were rescued from the destruction of Rhodia by the Doctor, and he placed them at Coal Hill. He knew that his many visits to the area had weakened Space and Time here, and the Earth needed protection from what might come through here. Miss Quill became one of the teachers, whilst Charlie became a pupil. They shared a home together.
Charlie was very naive, and had little knowledge about popular culture on the Earth. He was also gay - befriending a fellow student named Matteusz - whom he took to the school prom, and later slept with. Had he stayed at home, his parents would have arranged a marriage for him.

Charlie was the custodian of a device known as the Cabinet of Souls. This contained the spirits of all the dead Rhodians, with the possibility of bringing them all back. However, to do so would require an equal number of lives to be extinguished, and the Shadow Kin suspected that it could be used as a weapon against them. As such, they launched a number of attacks on Charlie and his friends through the space / time fissures at the school.
When the friends were put into detention by Miss Quill, Charlie revealed that he suffered from claustrophobia. An alien entity in a meteorite fragment caused them to be transported to a mysterious void. Handling the rock caused people to reveal the things they felt most guilty about - and for Charlie this was his desire for revenge against the Shadow Kin - even if using the Cabinet to do so would mean he lost the respect of Matteusz. The entity was a prisoner, and it wanted Charlie to take its place, as his was the greatest guilt out of all the group. He was saved by Miss Quill, who had now managed to remove the parasite from her brain.
When the Shadow Kin started to kill the relatives of his friends, Charlie was finally compelled to open the Cabinet, destroying them. As he had been infected by the Shadow Kin, he expected to die as well, but survived.

Played by: Greg Austin. Appearances: Class 1.1 to 1.8 (2016).

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