Thursday, 16 February 2017

B is for... Bennett (1)

One of two survivors from a spaceship crash, marooned on the planet Dido. The ship had left Earth for the planet Astra in 2493. A number of crew and passengers survived, including Bennett, a girl named Vicki and her father. One night, whilst Vicki lay ill in bed, a great feast was arranged by the people of Dido. There was a massive explosion and everyone at the feast was killed - except for Bennett, who was left barely able to walk. When Vicki recovered, Bennett had to tell her of her father's death. He claimed that the natives had killed the Earth people, but one of them - Koquillion - would protect them both until a rescue ship arrived. Koquillion would visit the crashed ship and converse with Bennett in private.
When the TARDIS arrived on Dido, the Doctor recognised the planet as he had been here before. Hearing of the explosion he was shocked, as he had found the natives to be a peace-loving people. His suspicions were aroused when he learned of Koquillion's monstrous description - a spiny insectoid being. On going to Bennett's room he found it to be empty. A tape recorder played back his voice - ordering anyone who tried the door to go away. The Doctor then located a hidden trap door, and followed a passage to the Dido Hall of Justice. When Koquillion arrived, the Doctor saw through the disguise. Koquillion was really Bennett, wearing ceremonial robes. Didonians were similar to humans in appearance. Bennett revealed that he had committed a murder on the space flight. He engineered the crash, then caused the explosion which not only killed the other humans but seemingly all of the natives as well. Vicki was left alive to provide him with an alibi when the rescue craft arrived.
Bennett attacked the Doctor, but was stopped by the sudden appearance of two Didonians. Seeing them, he backed away in terror and fell to his death.

Played by: Ray Barrett. Appearances: The Rescue (1965).

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