Monday, 6 February 2017

B is for... Bellal

A native of the planet Exxilon, Bellal belonged to a subterranean faction which opposed the majority surface dwellers. His group had evolved to be smaller, and their bodies had a natural glow. They did not believe that their great City should be revered as a holy thing, nor that sacrifices should be made to it. Bellal rescued Sarah Jane Smith and the Doctor from one such sacrifice, which involved them being sent down into a cave system to be destroyed by one of the City's defensive automated roots. He joined forces with them and a group of Earth marines against the Daleks, who had allied themselves with the other Exxilons. The surface dwellers wanted the humans and Daleks to help them exterminate Bellal's people.
Bellal joined the Doctor in breaking into the City. At one point he became mesmerised by its defences and was compelled to shoot the Doctor with a Dalek gun, but the Doctor was able to break this mental conditioning.
Once the City had been destroyed, Bellal and his people would have gone on to help other Earth people collect the mineral Parrinium which they needed to combat a space plague.

Played by: Arnold Yarrow. Appearances: Death to the Daleks (1974).

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