Monday, 6 February 2017

B is for... Bellows

Fiona Bellows was one of the scientists at the Arctic research base which was visited at Christmas, 2014, by the Doctor and Clara. Four of her colleagues were in the sickbay with parasitic creatures stuck to their faces. Everyone was surprised when Father Christmas and a pair of Elves turned up soon after. The Doctor was able to demonstrate that the four figures in the sickbay were really Bellows and her three still active crew mates. They were trapped in a dreamscape created by the parasites - alien Dream Crabs. This dreamscape was eventually broken, and Bellows awoke to find herself at home with her family on Christmas morning. Confined to a wheelchair in real life, Bellows had imagined herself with full mobility in the dream world.

Played by: Maureen Beattie. Appearances: Last Christmas (2014).

  • Maureen is the daughter of Johnny Beattie, who is showbiz royalty in Scotland.

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