Saturday, 23 April 2016

The new companion is revealed...

I'm afraid I got quite caught up in the Shakespeare Live! programme on BBC 2 tonight - a wonderful production, hosted by David Tennant and Catherine Tate - so have run out of time to complete my look at Battlefield as promised. It will finally see the light of day tomorrow.
I did manage to see the specially filmed sequence that introduced Pearl Mackie as the new companion - a young lady named Bill. I'm sure everyone went "Who?" when she appeared, as this is her first major TV role.
First impressions? Not entirely favourable, I'm afraid to say. She talks a bit too much, asking too many questions. Hopefully she won't be like this all the time, as I personally found the character annoying.
At least she seems to be a more down to earth character than more recent companions, so won't turn out to be Davros' mother or a new incarnation of Romana / Susan / the Rani.
I shan't write Bill off on the basis of a couple of minutes worth of material, designed to be shown at half-time during a Cup semi-final. I just hope she isn't like this for a whole 12 episodes in 2017.

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