Wednesday, 6 April 2016

A is for... Adelaide

A young Edwardian woman travelling with Lord Palmerdale when the yacht they were on crashed onto Fang Rock. Along with Lord Skinsale, they were returning from Deauville on the French coast. The vessel was going too fast for the foggy conditions, as Palmerdale wanted to capitalise on some insider dealing back in England. Adelaide - surname Lesage - was quite unsuited to the crisis they found themselves in, as Fang Rock was besieged by an alien Rutan. It could change its appearance to look like the humans present, and was picking off the lighthouse crew and the yacht survivors one by one. The Doctor's companion Leela was forced to slap her face to quell her frequent hysterics. Adelaide was later killed by the Rutan, in its guise as lighthouse keeper Reuben. Her relationship to Palmerdale was never specified, but she was almost certainly his mistress.

Played by Annette Woolett. Appearances: Horror of Fang Rock (1977).

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