Sunday, 14 February 2016

New post series coming soon...

With no new Doctor Who until Spring 2017, apart from a Xmas Special, I have been pondering ideas for this blog to cover over the forthcoming months. TARDIS Travels has ended for now, and I have already run series looking at the Daleks and Cybermen over the decades.
Alongside the story reviews I have decided to launch a new post run - an A to Z.
It will cover all the monsters, aliens and villains who are worthy of note, as well as companions and allies. No planets - I'll save those for another series - and no bits of tech.
I have been spending the last few days embarking on putting my list together - on a nice Excel spreadsheet. It will be a personal list. Some individual characters might not be covered - mentioned in an overall look at their race instead. For instance, I wasn't going to include any individual Thals. The more I thought about it, however, it seemed that Taron, Vaber, Alydon and Ganatus should get posts on their own. Whereas, when it comes to Dulcians, only Cully will get a spot to himself.
I am really looking forward to starting this run, as the A - Z nature of it means I get to write about all eras of the programme random-fashion each week. As some entries might be quite brief, I won't be limiting myself to one post per week. Finding nice images will also be fun - though quite what I will do when I get to the Visians and the Refusians...
As I will be covering Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures when we reach them in the story reviews (not long to go now, I am about to hit Delta and the Bannermen tomorrow night), I will also be covering characters and aliens from those shows as well.

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