Monday, 25 January 2016

January's Figurines

Well, if there is one time that I might not have minded a parcel going missing in the post, this would be it. My least favourite Doctor, paired with my least favourite Dalek.
Old Sixie first. There is a hint of Colin Baker in the features, though it would be unlikely to stand up in an identity parade. Believe it or not, but the costume is actually toned down somewhat. The yellow of the trousers is not quite as bright as the costume as seen on TV.
This means there is now just one more Doctor to be released - the Second.
I deliberately went for a side view of the hunch-backed Supreme Dalek, as it perfectly demonstrates how much of a design monstrosity these were compared to the original Ray Cusick ones.
The Sixth Doctor is as he is supposed to have appeared in Vengeance on Varos, whilst the Supreme does not represent Victory of the Daleks. The magazine does not cover this story, so that opens the door for a future other New Paradigm Dalek release - i.e. this one just painted another colour.
Next month we get the first character from the most recent series - the Fisher King.
PS - last time I mentioned that the Sensorite was the first figure to be released from the Hartnell era that wasn't a Dalek (not counting the Doctor himself). I had clearly forgotten about the Tenth Planet Cyberman. What I should have said is that the Sensorite is the first figurine from the B&W era that isn't a Cyberman or a Dalek. That saves me going back and correcting the earlier post - not that anyone commented on it.

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