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TARDIS Travels No.28

Christopher Eccleston moves on, and David Tennant begins his residency of the TARDIS, starting with the first of the Christmas Specials.

Journey 422: The Game Station, 200,100, to Powell Estate, London, 24th December 2006.
We get to see Rose's first reactions to the new Doctor in the Children In Need mini-episode (which I will be calling Born Again, as that is what BBC Books call it). This is set entirely in the TARDIS. The planned trip to the planet Barcelona gets cancelled as the Doctor suffers post-regeneration mania, recklessly speeding the ship towards Rose's home on Christmas Eve. The TARDIS is heard by both Mickey and Jackie before it is seen to materialise in mid-air, colliding with a building before crashing to a halt by the communal bins. Still one of the most impressive bits of TARDIS action we have seen in the series.
When Mickey activates the scanner, the technology is spotted by the Sycorax who transmat the ship onto their vessel. Spilt tea, heated when it lands on some of the components, provides the boost that brings the Doctor out of his comatose state.
When the Sycorax leave, they transmat everyone down to a different location  - including the TARDIS.

Journey 423: Powell Estate - Bloxom Road to the Parade, 25th December, 2006.
At the conclusion of The Christmas Invasion, the TARDIS is clearly no longer where it was earlier transmatted to. Presumably, the Doctor moved it when he went to choose his new outfit - the clothing store being the first new area of the TARDIS seen in the new series. We know that Ursula Blake spotted him in Trafalgar Square on this night, so he may have gone there by TARDIS, before settling down to his Christmas dinner.

Journey 424: Powell Estate, December 2006, to New Earth, 5,000,000,023.
After receiving a message on his psychic paper, the Doctor takes the TARDIS to New Earth, the ship landing across the river from New New York, and within walking distance of the hospital from whence the message originated. We don't know the date on which the Doctor and Rose set off - presumably December 26th, as the new Doctor would not have wanted to hang around the Powell Estate for too long.

Journey 425: New Earth, 5,000,000,023, to Scotland, 1879.
The TARDIS was aiming for Sheffield on 21st November, 1979, but lands in the Highlands of Scotland - a day's journey from Balmoral - a century too early. Had the ship gone where it was supposed to, the Doctor and Rose still wouldn't have seen Ian Dury and the Blockheads - they did not play Sheffield on that date. Some intelligent parking by the TARDIS. It does not land anywhere near where the alien threat is, but does bring the Doctor and Queen Victoria together so that he can join her party.

Journey 426: Scotland, 1879, to Deffry Vale School, London, 2007.
After receiving a message from Mickey, the TARDIS returns to Earth so that the Doctor can investigate strange goings-on at a comprehensive school. Unseen journeys here will have seen the Doctor collecting and delivering the winning lottery ticket that allowed him to replace the Physics teacher. Sarah Jane Smith finds the TARDIS hidden in a storeroom.

Journey 427: London - Deffry Vale School to local park, 2007.
The TARDIS survives the destruction of the school, and is later seen to have been moved to a park, where Sarah visits and gets left K9 Mark IV.

Journey 428: London, 2007, to SS Madame de Pompadeur, 51st Century.
Mickey's first journey in the TARDIS and they land on the spaceship, which is located in the Diagmar Cluster.

Journey 429: SS Madame de Pompadeur, 51st Century, to London, 1st February 2007.
An alternative London to be exact, in a parallel universe. Mickey gives the date from a discarded newspaper. The journey through the Void between universes just happens to take place when Mickey removes his finger from a button which the Doctor has forgotten to inform him he could have released ages ago. A coincidence, or has this actually led to their travelling here?
The TARDIS materialises by Lambeth Palace, on the Albert Embankment.

Journey 430: Alt. London, 2007, to Powell Estate, 2007.
The Doctor takes Rose home to see her mother once they leave the parallel Earth, the ship materialising in the middle of her living room.

Journey 431: Powell Estate, 2007, to North London, 1st June, 1953.
The TARDIS materialises near Alexandra Palace, close to Florizel Street, on the eve of Queen Elizabeth's coronation. The Doctor was aiming for New York in the second half of the decade. He mentions catching Elvis Presley on the Ed Sullivan Show. Presley appeared 3 times between September 1956 and January 1957. It was the final appearance that was the famous one - where the director was ordered not to film him below the waist, so presumably this is the show the Doctor wanted to catch. We discover that the Doctor has a moped in the TARDIS, though he gives it away to Tommy Connolly before they depart.

Journey 432: North London, 2nd June 1953, to Sanctuary Base 6, Krop Tor, 42nd Century.
The date is given as 43K 2.1. The Doctor is worried that the ship seems "queasy" - reacting to something nearby it does not like - presumably the Black Hole K36 Gem 5, though there is also some writing so old that it won't be able to translate it. When an earth tremor destroys the storeroom in which it has landed, the TARDIS falls several miles into the planet's interior. This is the first time that the Doctor states that TARDISes are grown.

Journeys 433 - 435: Krop Tor to Torchwood Archive space shuttle, 42nd Century.
The Doctor finds the TARDIS close to where he encountered the Beast and he uses it to first rescue Ida Scott (unseen) then to use the tractor beam to pull the space shuttle to safety. It then materialises inside the hold of the vessel so that Rose can rejoin the Doctor, and Ida can be reunited with her crew (unseen).

Journey 436: Torchwood Archive space ship, 42nd Century, to Woolwich, London, 2007.
Elton Pope, of LINDA, tracks the TARDIS down to the riverside area, south east of the city, where the Doctor and Rose are trying to deal with a Hoix.
An additional journey is glimpsed when Elton tells of how the Doctor visited his home in the 1970's - the night his mother died.

Journey 437: London - Woolwich to unspecified part of city, 2007.
An alleyway within running-for-your-life-from-an-Abzorbaloff distance of Macatier Street, if that helps pin it down any better.

Journeys 438 & 439: London, 2007, to London, 2012.
The TARDIS materialises in Stratford, East London, on the eve of the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. The ship first materialises with the door facing a metal container, so the Doctor has to try again in order that they can exit. Later, the ship will be sent to the unknown dimension where the Isolus within young Chloe Webber sends the people and things she draws - being returned once the Isolus departs.

Journey 440: London - Stratford, 2012, to Powell Estate, 2007.
The TARDIS does not seem to have a favoured landing spot when visiting Rose's manor. It generally lands on or near the Parade, but it has recently landed up in Jackie's front room, and now materialises in a playground on the estate.
At some point - possibly between Stratford 2012 and here, or perhaps around the time of LINDA's 'Nvestigations - the Doctor and Rose have visited a bazaar on an unnamed asteroid, plus a planet that is home to flying manta-ray creatures.

Journey 441: London - Powell Estate to Torchwood Tower, Canary Wharf, 2007.
The TARDIS travels to the source of the "Ghost Shifts". It materialises in a store-room, but Torchwood staff later move it manually to another area of the complex.

Journey 442: Torchwood Tower, London, 2007, to unknown region of space, 24th December 2007.
The Doctor harnesses the energy of a super nova in order to get a farewell message through to Rose, who receives it on Bad Wolf Bay in Norway. The date is a guess - based on what happens next.
But that is for next time...

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