Monday, 8 June 2015

TARDIS Travels No.26(a)

Perhaps that should read 26(w) - W for War Doctor. Whilst we didn't get to see any of this until 2013, these travels took place before the advent of the Ninth Doctor, so I present them to you now.

Journey 389: Date & location unknown to Gallifrey, date unknown.
We have no idea how long the War Doctor was around, or what he got up to in all those years, but eventually he found himself back on Gallifrey in its second city of Arcadia - just as it is being overrun by the Daleks. This is the point when the Doctor decides No More. On leaving, the TARDIS smashes through a wall and destroys some of the Daleks.

Journey 390: Gallifrey: Arcadia to Time Lord weapons vault.
The Doctor breaks into the vault from where he steals the sentient weapon known as The Moment.

Journey 391: Time Lord vault to Outer Gallifrey.
To activate The Moment, the Doctor elects to take it to a place he recalls from his childhood - as we will subsequently discover in Listen. This is an old barn outside the Capitol.

Journey 392: Outer Gallifrey to orbit around the planet.
After an encounter with two of his future selves and Clara, the Doctor now knows there is an alternative to using The Moment. He joins twelve of his other incarnations in an audacious scheme to shift Gallifrey into a pocket universe, where it will be hidden from the Daleks. They will believe they have destroyed it. The interior of the War Doctor's TARDIS is an amalgam of the one used by the Ninth and Tenth Doctors - coral structures, including the main console - with that of his predecessors - white walls with roundels.

Journey 393: Gallifreyan space to National Gallery, London, 2013.
Their mission a success, the TARDISes of all three Doctors assemble in the Under Gallery where the painting depicting the fall of Arcadia is housed.

Journey 394: National Gallery, London, 2013, to ???
Shortly after leaving the Under Gallery, the War Doctor - now just the Doctor - begins to regenerate, his work completed.

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