Friday, 5 June 2015

I'm a Friday Cyberman!

After missing out on the 50th Anniversary celebration event at the same venue (on holiday when tickets went on sale) I was determined not to miss this. The Festival is organised much more like the BBC Convention which took place in Cardiff back in March 2012, in that there is an identical programme of events on each of the three days (Cardiff was only on the Saturday & Sunday).
Again, there are two streams of visitors, so that you attend the theatre events at different times - in this case Daleks and Cybermen. (I was a Sunday Silurian back in 2012). There is a third ticket choice - or at least there was. The TARDIS ticket gives you the souvenir programme / T-shirt and preferential seating, but I noticed that 10 minutes after the tickets went on sale these had all sold out, for all three days. (Souvenir programme and T-shirt can be bought along with the basic tickets separately - £10 and £25 respectively).
Bookings for photo opportunities and autographs are not available immediately - details will be e-mailed to attendees later.
I'll be attending on the very first day. Cannae wait.

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