Thursday, 24 April 2014

Caution: May Contain Hath...

An advance look at the War Doctor figurine from Eaglemoss. Last month I listed all the proposed releases up to number 39. I have come across another list that goes from 40 - 71. As before, these pairings are all subject to change.

  • Genesis Dalek & Doomsday Cyberman
  • Third Doctor & Krillitane
  • Delgado Master & Max Capricorn
  • Emperor Dalek (Remembrance) & Seventh Doctor
  • Terileptil & Gold Dalek (Day and Frontier in Space)
  • Cassandra & Moonbase Cyberman
  • Smiler & First Doctor
  • Saturnyne & Voc Robot
  • Hath & Remembrance Dalek
  • Second Doctor & Vervoid
  • Dalek Sec Human Hybrid & Tenth Planet Cyberman
  • Sixth Doctor & Red New Paradigm Dalek
  • Axon & Sutekh
  • The Destroyer & Jabe
  • Sharaz Jek & Snowman
  • Eighth Doctor & Rose Auton 
Some interesting releases. The Remembrance Emperor has "Davros" in brackets after it - so it might have the lid open. Will the Saturnyne be the natural form, or Francesco? Capricorn and the Hath we could really do without.

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  1. Do we really need Max Capricorn? Personally I thought he was one of the worst throw away villains the show has ever had.