Friday, 31 January 2014

Rare William Hartnell pics

Twitter can be interesting on occasion. Just on occasion. I really don't care what some footballer's wife had for breakfast this morning (though apparently there are thousands out there who do). @DWArchive has (have) posted a couple of rare pictures of Hartnell in the TARDIS set - taken at the time of recording The Celestial Toymaker. (The middle image above is the one all the books, magazines etc. went with - so ignore that one). Nice to see that such rarities can still turn up after all these years. This particular Twitter account seems to mainly feature arguments about missing episodes - currently some controversy over just when exactly the Troughton episodes announced in October 2013 were actually found (3 whole years ago according to super-fan Ian Levine) and about the Marco Polo rumours (hoax apparently). Makes for interesting reading - though I'd much rather read something more substantial on these matters.

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