Saturday, 10 December 2016

A is for... Avatars

When a dimensionally transcendental Timeship materialised on top of a single story flat in Colchester, it disguised itself as an upper level - 79B Aickman Road. The vessel had crashed, and its pilot was dead. The ship's computer created a number of avatars of human beings in order to ensnare a new pilot. These took the form of a little girl, a young man, and an older man. They would attempt to entice passersby into the ship, who could then be harnessed by it to send the vessel on its way. The new pilot had to want to leave. All those who resisted perished. The presence of the Timeship caused the Doctor to become separated from his TARDIS. He took up residency in the downstairs flat in order to investigate, lodging with Craig Owens. Craig's friend, Sophie, did have a wanderlust, and she was captured by the avatar, in its old man guise. The Doctor and Craig intervened and Craig's love for Sophie, plus his determination to remain exactly where he was, led to the ship self-destructing.
It later transpired that the Timeship belonged to the Silence.

Played by: Darrell Heath (old man avatar). Appearances: The Lodger (2010).

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