Wednesday, 18 November 2015

tardismusings - on hiatus

Nothing to do with Michael Grade, and no, there won't be any charity single coming out in the next week you'll be very pleased to hear. The Sun newspaper won't be able to claim that it was all due to them that this blog will be bouncing back on Wednesday 25th November.
Am taking a little break to visit the old country - assuming it hasn't been blown away by the gales or submerged by the rain.
This does mean that I shan't be posting my review for what promises to be a pivotal episode on Saturday night until I come back. I think we can all see what is coming in Face The Raven, can't we?
Also coming next week will be the TARDIS Travels for the first half of the current series, and we finally get to take a look at the first part of Trial of a Time Lord.
See you next week.

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