Monday, 2 November 2015

November's Figurines

These arrived yesterday, but I only got round to photographing them this evening. Three figurines, as you can see - the two regular monthly releases plus the latest of the larger special editions.
To be honest, I'm disappointed in all three.
With regards the two ordinary releases, it is not because they are bad in themselves, but because there are other versions I would rather have received.
The New Series Auton, from Rose, is perfectly fine - but I would much rather we got one of the creepy blank faced ones from Spearhead from Space. Hopefully one of this sort is still in the works, to be released further down the line.
Then we get the white-gold Dalek from Revelation of the Daleks. Not my favourite Dalek design. They had started to become slightly misshapen by this stage - too thin and vertical. RTD actually cited the white-gold Daleks as how not to build one when he discussed their return with the designers back in 2005.
Then we get to the Emperor Dalek from Evil of the Daleks. Just doesn't look right, does it? Was it really that silver? Have looked back at the few colour pictures from this story and it looks whiter. It has also been ripped out of the context of its surroundings. The tubes are conspicuous by their absence.
I can see myself having to revert to my Blue Peter-watching days and getting a hold of a shoe box, pipe cleaners, matchsticks and sticky-back plastic to build a diorama for this one. Either that or hollow it out and drill a few holes in the dome to make it a superior pepper-pot.

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