Thursday, 26 February 2015

February's Figurines

The latest pair of Eaglemoss figurines have been released, and both just happen to come from the most recent season.
Alongside the 12th Doctor himself, we have the Half-Face Man from the opening story, Deep Breath. Considering the scale of these figures, the Capaldi resemblance is quite good, though I do think his hair is a bit too white. The story used to illustrate this figure in the accompanying magazine is Flatline. (You can make your own "Boneless" figurine by getting a photo out of DWM, cutting it out, and sticking it on a base. I have made my own Visian and Refusian as well by the way, though both do look a bit dull, being empty bases. I have to pick them up and look at the label underneath to remember which is which...).
The Doctor is wearing his white shirt version of the costume. The magazine reveals that the spangly jumper which Capaldi often wears is actually the actor's own. It may be designer (Paul Smith) but I wouldn't be seen dead in a pullover like that.
Of the 13 Doctor figures available, 7 have now been released - including all of the post 2005 ones. Wouldn't it be lovely if they also did a Peter Cushing one? (We know there is a movie Dalek due, though they are putting this down to its appearance in the background of The Chase).
The Half-Face Man has a great deal of detail in the costume. The accompanying magazine has a feature on how the effects for the character were achieved - the combination of prosthetics and CGI.
We should have also received the special base unit for the 6 special release Daleks with these figurines, but a note in the box explains that this has been delayed until next month - when we will also be getting a rather snazzy looking Terrileptil.

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