Saturday, 29 November 2014

November's DW Figurines

Better late than never (the next pair are due to arrive next week), here are November's Figurine Collection items. We have the Cyberleader from Earthshock, and the Silurian Madam Vastra - as seen in A Good Man Goes To War. The Cyberleader's most prominent feature are his moonboots. If there was one thing about the 1980's Cybermen, they tended to be very tall and lanky. This figurine appears to show quite a stocky individual. Nothing wrong with Vastra's proportions, but I wouldn't say the face resembles her at all.
Next week sees the release of the Fifth Doctor, and the Ironside Dalek. Issue 36 will be D84. This latter figure never appeared at all on the original lists - though there was a Voc Robot expected circa Issue 55.

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