Thursday, 22 May 2014

DW Figurine Collection - May 2014

Yesterday I received the latest figurines from Eaglemoss - an Invasion Cyberman, the Sycorax leader (helmeted) and the second of the subscription-only Daleks.
The Cyberman marks the first release from the Troughton era. Must say the face does not look quite right (mouth and eyes are a bit too big), and it could have done with carrying a gun to make the pose look more interesting.
I was surprised to find that the "Oswin Oswald Dalek", as it is described, has flexible chains. I assumed they would have been solid and rigid. This particular Dalek I have been looking forward to least. If you have been following my occasional series looking at the Dalek designs you will know there is a huge range of colour schemes and designs to choose from. This is basically a standard bronze Dalek with a couple of bits of chain draped across. It never impressed me when it appeared on the telly, and the figure will almost certainly get pushed towards the back of the collection as it grows.
Next month - a Heavenly Host (boring) and a 2013 Zygon (good, but not as good as the originals). It should be noted that those lists originally published are now starting to vary, as we were apparently due to get the Ninth Doctor in June. Maybe he'll now join the Morbius Monster in July.

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