Monday, 24 March 2014

Figurine Collection - 24.3.14

Today, the latest additions to the Doctor Who Figurine Collection arrived chez moi. Once again, please don't pay too much attention to the colour in the photos - it's the type of lighting in my house that tends to distort the colour. Figures are always more subtly hued in natural light.
The two regular releases are the Fourth Doctor as seen in Pyramids of Mars; and the skull-in-a-spacesuit Vashta Nerada from Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead. According to the accompanying magazine, it is specifically Proper Dave.
Whilst I admire the attention to detail in the figurines, actual human likenesses don't always look quite right. I never thought Rassilon looked like Timothy Dalton, for instance. Tom Baker doesn't bear too close scrutiny. My model looks as though he has nasty duelling scars down both cheeks.
Alongside these regular items, we also get the second of the special (i.e. bigger and more expensive) releases  - the last one being the TARDIS from The Eleventh Hour onwards. This time it is a rather impressive Slitheen - looking far better than they ever did on TV. The first big new monster of the revived series, they were ultimately deemed a bit of a failure - but did go on to find a more natural home with The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Next month we will be receiving a Judoon and one of the original 1963 Daleks.
According to a list I found on-line - possibly subject to change - these are the forthcoming pairings that take us through to 2015:

  • Sycorax & Invasion Cyberman
  • Ninth Doctor & Heavenly Host
  • Morbius Monster & Zygon (2013 version)
  • Special Weapons Dalek & Twelfth Doctor
  • Sea Devil (original one) and the Gunslinger
  • Earthshock Cyberman & Madam Vastra
  • John Hurt's War Doctor & Ironside Dalek
  • Draconian & the Master (John Simm incarnation)
  • Scarecrow & Fifth Doctor
  • Catkind & Clockwork Man 
I assume that "Catkind" refers to the Cat Nurses of New Earth. (Might be Brannigan). No mention if the Master is the be-suited one or the hoodie one - or indeed the dress wearing one. I do hope that Madam Vastra will be the samurai-sword wielding version from Demons Run, rather than just a Silurian in a frock.
As well as this little lot, there will be other special releases - and there are still five more not-in-the-shops Daleks to come.

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